Step by Step Instructions to Create Your Research Hub Profile

Step 1.
When entering the Research in Psychology Hub, you will be brought to the home screen of the Hub’s members only area.

Step 2.
On the left sidebar menu (labeled “Research Profile Sections”), you will find a list of actions to search or populate your profile.

Step 3.
If you want to search for other researchers, click the second item in the left sidebar menu labeled “Search the Research Hub”.

Step 4.
To begin creating your profile (or to edit your profile once you have already created one), click on the third item in the left sidebar menu, labeled “Create/Edit your Research Profile”. You will see the following information:

Create/Edit Your Research Profile

Creating your profile involves telling us about your area of specialty and research expertise.

We've listed a number of potential areas in which you may focus your research. You may or may not specialize in a given area. Should your given area not be listed, please add it in the appropriate sections. The following content areas will be included on your profile:

  • Your role(s) as a researcher
  • Specifics of Research
    • Study Population
    • Research Settings
    • Demographic Factors
    • Area of Psychological Specialty
  • Summary of Research Profile

Step 5.
Once you've provided the information regarding your area of specialty and research expertise, you will be prompted to submit information on your role as a researcher.

Indicate your role(s)

You will be asked in what capacity do you conduct your research (check all that apply):

Faculty/Scientist/Researcher in Academic Setting
Scientist/Researcher in Other Setting

Step 6.
Follow the “Click here” link at the bottom of each page to proceed with populating your Research Profile. The first stage: Study Populations.

Step 7.
In the first stage of populating your profile, you will be asked to indicate what types of Populations fall under your research interests. Follow the instructions on the page and select the corresponding populations from the dropdown menu (e.g., Populations > Families). Click “Add Specialization” if you are satisfied with your selection.

Note: To create your profile, you must select a primary population group (e.g., Sexuality and gender).

If you do not select, a primary population group, by default, the Hub will select the first group in the dropdown list (i.e., Infants) for you.

Step 8.
Once you have selected your primary population, you then have the option about being more specific about your research interests with the selected populations. To be more specific, you would add a keyword in the space provided (e.g., Blended families) (see image below). 

Note:  As noted above, it is important that you have pre-selected the primary population group in the dropdown menu (e.g., Populations > Families) so that your keyword is appropriately situated within that population group (e.g., Populations > Families > Blended families). Click “Add Specialization” if you are satisfied with your selection.
If you do not pre-select the population group, the first group in the dropdown menu will accompany your keyword (e.g., Populations > Infants (0-12 months) > Blended families).

Before proceeding to the next page, you will have the option to delete any population groups you have selected.

Step 9.
You are free to add as many groups as you wish to your profile for each section.

Step 10.
By following the “Click here” button at the bottom of the page, you will be directed to the following section. The instructions listed in Steps 7 and 8 remain applicable for all additional sections, including Settings, Demographics, and Areas of Psychology.

Step 11.
When you are finished populating your research interests, you will click through to the Summary of Research Profile page. On this page, you can delete entries or revisit previous pages to add more entries.

Step 12.
If you are satisfied with your Research Profile, follow the “click here” button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the final part of setting up your Research Profile.

Step 13.
On this page, you will be prompted to indicate whether you would like to be considered a Media Contact for CPA. If you opt to be a CPA media contact, CPA will forward your name and contact information if/when CPA is contacted for a subject matter expert.

Step 14.
Submit your Research Profile to the Hub by clicking on the “Complete your Submission” button.

Deleting your profile

Please note that at any point during or after the profile creation process, you can delete some or all of your profile by clicking "delete your research profile" on the left side of the page. If you select this option, you may click the “Delete” button to remove a specific research interest item or click “Delete all” at the bottom to remove all items from your profile. Please note that by clicking "Delete all”, you are choosing to delete your profile from the Research Hub.