What is Psychology Month?

The message of Psychology Month is simple: “Psychology is for everyone.”  Psychology Month is a campaign encouraging everyone in the psychology community to make time during February to share with the public what it is they do and how it contributes to the overall well-being of the community. It’s that simple.

Public Events

Be sure to check out the free public events and lectures being offered by CPA and Psychologists across Canada, in support of Psychology Month.  

Resources of Interest

What is a Psychologist?

Deciding to see a Psychologist

Finding the Psychologist for you

What to expect from a Psychologist

Psychology Month Poster

Psychology Works Fact Sheets


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Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders
  • Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents and Adults (Temporarily removed pending update)
  • Gender Dysphoria in Children (Temporarily removed pending update)
Sleep Disorders Social and Family Relationships Stress Suicide Trauma Workplace