The aim of CPA Press is to publish books in either French or English that are in keeping with the CPA mission statement:  improving the health and welfare of all Canadians and promoting excellence and innovation in psychological research, education, and practice. CPA Press is especially interested in work promoting excellence and innovation in psychological research, education, and practice, and topics of special relevance to Canadian psychologists.

CPA Press balances a variety of criteria to determine the feasibility of a project including the likely impact of the material, the availability of other resources on the topic, and the commercial viability of the project. Monographs should be of broad interest and significance to Canadian psychologists.

CPA Press is interested in discussing potential projects with authors. The following should serve as a guideline for the submission of a prospectus and must include the following items:

Working Title and Plain Language Abstract

Approximately 250 word abstract of the work written in non-technical language.


Complete names, titles, affiliations, and contact details for authors or editors (mail, phone, FAX, e-mail). A complete CV for all contributors should be attached.

Statement of Purpose

The following questions must be addressed:

  1. What is the book's purpose and how is this consistent with the mission statement of CPA Press?
  2. What approach will it take to the material?
  3. What is the significance of the work for Canadian psychology? In what way does the book meet a need in Canadian psychology?

Intended Audience

Brief overview of the intended audience and potential scope of a book's appeal. Should also include a list of "near" competitors and available information on marketplace (e.g., sales ranking of competitor books). Must address the question of how the current book is distinct from other work in the area (e.g., what is innovative about the proposed work?).

Anticipated Organization

A preliminary table of contents and chapter outlines (with detailed bullet points if possible) should be provided. Information on the number of photographs, charts, graphs, etc., planned for the book should also be provided.

Length of the book and format should also be described and an approximate timeline for completion of the project should be provided.

For further information about CPA Press please contact the Chair of the CPA Publications Committee, John Meyer, Ph.D., The completed form, together with an introductory letter should be electronically submitted to the Chair.