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Message from our Student Representative, Theresa Jubenville

Hello Members! I am honoured to have received the nomination for the position of Student Representative for the Counselling Psychology Section of CPA.  I am looking forward to working with the executive and members of the executive over the next two years, continuing to build upon the work of my predecessors and initiating new projects that help advance the profession of counselling psychology.

For those who don’t know me, I am a third year PhD student in the Counselling Psychology Program at the University of Calgary. With my course work and candidacy exams behind me, I am currently focusing on my program of research. My research focuses on understanding the unique needs of adults with autism spectrum disorder in psychotherapy. With a social justice lens woven into my research, I hope to promote understanding, knowledge, and access to equitable mental health services for adults with developmental disabilities. I have been involved with CPA for the past few years as a Student Affiliate, presenting at numerous annual conferences, and volunteering as a peer student mentor for the Student Section. Most recently, I served as the CPA Campus Representative for Educational Psychology at the University of Calgary campus. When I’m not busy with my academic responsibilities, I enjoy teaching fitness classes at my local gym, exploring in the Rocky Mountains, and traveling the world with my husband.

This upcoming year is an exciting one with many projects on the horizon. Working in collaboration with the former student representative, Julie Cohen, we created a document that serves to inform undergraduate students about the field of counselling psychology, the specific training one receives in this field, and how counselling overlaps with, and differs from, other psychology streams. This coming year, I will continue to build on this document with the help of the executive, and work to disseminate this knowledge to academic institutions across the country. Additionally, given that I am well immersed in applying for the Pre-Doctoral Internship, the reality of the limited number of placements for psychology students, but especially counselling psychology students, is becoming evident. Over the course of my tenure as the student representative, it is my aim to help advocate for an increased presence of counselling psychology students at accredited internship sites.

I look forward to contributing to the section over the next couple years and invite members, especially student members, to reach out and connect with me about issues that are important to you or questions you might have about the counselling section. You can reach me via email at tmjubenv@ucalgary.ca I hope to see you at the International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP) 2018 

 For up to date information on conferences, networking opportunities or other initiatives being carried out by the section, follow us on the CPA Counselling Psychology Student Section Facebook page.




Graduate Studies in Counselling Psychology Presentation - September 2017


Student Travel Award


For the 2018 annual convention, we will have a draw for three $200 Section student travel awards, to help students to attend the Counselling Psychology Section Annual Meeting at ICAP.




  1. Be a Student Affiliate of the Section on Counselling Psychology (note that this is different from being a student member of CPA).
  2. Attend the Section Annual Meeting (4:00pm – 5:00pm, Tuesday June 26, 2018, room 511 b & e)



Call for CPA Counselling Psychology Student Awards

The Counselling Psychology Section of CPA offers awards annually for:

  1. Best Doctoral Dissertation Award (one award)
  2. Best Master's Thesis Award (one award)
  3. Best Conference Poster Award (two awards)


These awards are awarded for outstanding student research in the field of counselling psychology, and include a monetary prize ($100).

Best Thesis/Dissertation Awards

The Best Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation awards are given for outstanding research by students from Canadian counselling psychology programs.

The following is required to be considered for these awards:

  1. 10 page summary of the thesis/dissertation, written by the student.
    1. Double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins.
    2. Tables and figures must be integrated into the document, not attached as appendices.
    3. Title page and references do not count against the page limit.
  2. Nomination letter
    1. Nominating individual must be a member of the counselling psychology section.

A student’s research can only be nominated once for each award.

The research must have been successfully defended within 2 years prior to the annual award submission date.

Submissions will be evaluated for:

  1. contribution to knowledge and understanding in counselling psychology
  2. originality
  3. quality of the research, as evidenced by (a) clear and compelling statement of research problem/question, (b) appropriate methodology and methods, (c) findings/results that are clear and show evidence of rigor, (d) compelling and well-grounded conclusions and implications, and (e) discussion of limitations.
  4. quality of the writing

The nominator should submit the 10 page summary and nomination letter to Dr. Martha Chamodraka (martha.chamodraka@mcgill.ca) by June 1, 2018

Awards will be announched at the International Congress for Applied Psychology in Montreal, QC during the Section Counselling Psychology AGM. If you are not attending the convention, winners will be emailed after the convention.

Best Conference Poster Awards

The Best Master’s Conference Poster Award and the Best Doctoral Conference Poster Award are given for outstanding research projects completed by graduate students.  Posters are evaluated for:

  1. Contribution to knowledge and understanding in counselling psychology
  2. Quality of the research
  3. Quality of the writing
  4. Visual appeal and organization of the poster
  5. The student’s engagement in questions and comments about the poster

The student needs to be first author on the poster. Students do not need to be a member of the Counselling Psychology Section to be eligible for these awards. The amount of each award is $100.

a) All students accepted to present their poster at the annual convention are made aware via e-mail that their poster will automatically be considered for either the Best Master’s Poster or the Best Doctoral Poster (the option of opting out is provided). 

b) Candidates are to be next to their posters during the scheduled poster session of the convention. 

c) There will be 3 or 4 reviewers who will do a preliminary review of the posters.  Each reviewer will review a specific number of posters (as opposed to all) in order to allow for more time to engage with the candidates on their list.  No two reviewers will adjudicate the same poster. 

d) After the convention, reviewers will submit their top selections to the Executive Committee, leading to a short list of candidates.  

e) The short-listed candidates will be asked to submit an electronic copy of their poster for final review by the Member at Large: Awards, in consultation with the rest of the Executive Committee.

The winners will be e-mailed after the conference and will be given the opportunity to have an abstract of their work included in the next issue of the counselling psychology newsletter, Kaleidoscope.

For more information, please email the Awards Coordinator – Martha Chamodraka atmartha.chamodraka@mcgill.ca




 2017 Award Winners

Best Dissertation/Thesis: Zarinna Giannon, University of British Columbia; Kaori Wada, McGill Uinversity

Best Poster: Chen Vu, University of British Columbia

Past Student Award Winners


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Chelsea Arsenault, University of New Brunswick

Best Poster: Maggie Brennan, University of Alberta; Micheal McDaniel, University of British Columbia 


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Tatjana Elez, University of British Colombia.

Best Poster: Shakib Nasrullah, McGill University; Julie Cohen, University of British Columbia


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Emily Christina Koert, University of British Colombia; Aiofe Freeman, University of Calgary

Best Poster: Meris Williams, University of British Colombia; Megan Suehn, University of British Colombia


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Lauren Johnson, University of Alberta; Marnie Rogers-de Jong, University of Calgary; Jennifer Williams, University of Alberta

Best Poster: Dilys Haner, York University; Erin Buhr, Trinity Western University


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Aviva Laye-Gindhu, University of British Columbia; Breanne Faulkner, OISE-University of Toronto.

Best Poster: Lara Schulz, University of Calgary; Jennifer Williams, University of Alberta.


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Danielle Brossseau, Trinity Western University; Radha Messmer, University of British Columbia; Chantelle Quesnelle, University of Calgary.

Best Poster: Touraj Amiri, OISE-University of Toronto; Nichole Pickett, University of New Brunswick


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Lara Cross, University of New Brunswick.

Best Poster: Emily Koert, University of British Columbia; Gena Davies, Trinity Western University; Arlene Simpson University of Victoria.


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Olga Sutherland, University of Calgary; Marnie Fukushima-Flores, University of British Columbia.

Best Poster: Maria Iaquinta, University of British Columbia; Linda Klevnick, OISE-University of Toronto; Danielle Brosseau, Trinity Western University; Tina Lee, Trinity Western University.


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Becky Stewart, Trinity Western University.

Best Poster: Natalie Hansen, University of British columbia; Olga Oulanova, OISE-University of Toronto; Reana Saraceni, University of Calgary; 


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Robin Cox, University of British Columbia

Best Poster: Michelle Emmerling, University of Alberta; Babatunde Ogunfowora, University of Calgary


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Karen Kranz, University of British Columbia; Vivian Dzedzora, Univerrsity of British Columbia

Best Poster: Holly McLean, University of British Columbia; Ronaye Coulson, University of Calgary; Elaine Greidanus, University of Alberta; Summerlee Samuels, University of British Columbia; Sean Latimer, Trinity Western University


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Shari Couture, University of Calgary

Best Poster: Michel Eugene, University of Montreal


Best Dissertation/Thesis: Patrice Keats, University of British Columbia