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FINAL REPORT: Evidence-Based Practice of Psychological Treatments: A Canadian Perspective. Click here to view the final report.



David Dozois
Sam Mikail


Lynn Alden: Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Peter Bieling: Operational Service Manager, Mood Disorders Service, St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton
Guy Bourgnon: Senior Researcher, Public Safety Canada, Ottawa
David A. Clark: Professor, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton
David Dozois (Co-Chair):Professor, University of Western Ontario
Martin Drapeau: Associate Professor, McGill University
David Gallson (Community Representative): Associate National Executive Director, Mood Disorders Society of Canada
Les Greenberg: Professor, York University, Toronto
John Hunsley: Professor, University of Ottawa, Ottawa
Charlotte Johnston: Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Sam Mikail (Co-Chair): Clinical Director, The Southdown Institute

Note: Considerable expertise from a variety of research, practice, knowledge-translation, consumer and community perspectives is represented among the task force members. Interestingly, most of the academics on the committee also have a small private practice. There is also good representation from different theoretical orientations, including interpersonal, emotion-focused, cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic perspectives.


The purpose of this task force, in effect 2012-2013, was to operationalize what constitutes evidence-based practice in psychology, to make recommendations about how psychologists can best integrate evidence into practice to better inform patient care and to suggest strategies for dissemination.