Toronto Tourism & Travel Guide
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If this is your first trip to Toronto, you may want to take advantage of the many tourist destinations this world-class city has to offer. Links to google maps are provided.
Best. Public transportation. Ever. Take the shuttle – clean buses and cheaper than taxis – from the airport to the hotel.  There’s a streetcar line right in front of the Sheraton. Taxis are easy to get (there’s a taxi stand right at the hotel) if that’s your preference. There are also trains and subways for getting further around the Toronto area. See TTC for more.
Food, Drink, and Theater
The Sheraton is located right in Toronto's Entertainment District. Plenty of neat restaurants, clubs, pubs, and live theater. Ask the hotel concierge for recommendations.
Caffeine freaks need not jones for java. There’s a Starbucks right in the Sheraton and plenty of other outlets nearby, including Canada’s own Tim Horton’s.
Shopping & Eating
Museums & Galleries
Also, check out Toronto Life online,, and, for up to date information on restaurants, live entertainment, and other fun stuff.