Dr. Anusha Jaffer

Chair, Dr. Anusha Kassan, anusha.kassan@ucalgary.ca

The chair provides the overall supervision and administration of the affairs of the Section and ensure that all policies and actions approved by the general membership or by the Executive committee are properly implemented. 


Review Coordinator, Colleen Haney, colleen.haney@unb.ca

The Review Coordinator organizes the review process for proposals submitted to the CPA for the Section.  This will include maintaining a list of proposal reviewers, instructing reviewers on the review process, and communicating the results of the review process to the CPA.

Theresa Jubenville

Student Representative, Theresa Jubenville, tmjubenv@ucalgary.ca

The Student Representative serves as a liaison between student members of the Section and the Executive and post approved messages to the Section list serve.


Jose Domene

Secretary-Treasurer, Dr.  José Domene,  jfdomene@unb.ca

The Secretary-Treasurer prepares and maintains the minute of general meetings and of the Executive Committee. Works with the CPA Head Office to maintain an up-to-date list of members. Be responsible for the care and custody of the Section funds and any other assets of the Section and for making payments for all approved expenses.


Awards Coordinator, Martha Chamodraka, martha.chamodraka@mcgill.ca

The Studen Awards Officer coordinates the review process for all student awards.  This will include maintaining a list of thesis and dissertation reviewers, instructing reviewers on the review process, and coordinating adjudication of the poster awards.

Andrea Rivera

Webmaster, Andrea Rivera, arivera@unb.ca

The webmaster works with the executive committee and edits pages on a monthly basis to provide relevant, up-to-date information on; articles, business minutes, and section newsletters.

Janet Miller

Newsletter/Blog Editor, Dr. Janet Miller, jbmiller@mtroyal.ca

The Blog Editor updates and maintain all information and articles posted on the Section blog. Works with the team to post relevant information of the Section and for the section members.