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Our blog serves as the dynamic newsletter of the Counselling Psychology Section of the CPA. Rather than publishing newsletter issues on a semi-annual basis, we will be posting new articles as they are written.

If you are a practitioner, researcher, or student of counselling psychology in Canada, we invite you to check out our blog. If you are interested in submitted an article to be featured on our blog please contact our blog editor, Janet Miller at jbmiller@mtroyal.ca.


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Consider Joining Our Executive in 2018/19

 Our CPA Counselling Section has several Executive positions coming up for elections this year: Student Representative, Chair-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Member-at-Large (Awards Coordinator)

Nominations (including self-nominations, which are the norm) are preferred by May 15, 2018 but are welcome up until the start of Section’s Annual Business Meeting at the CPA conference. Elections will take place at the meeting; attendance at the meeting is preferred but not required for nominees.

Nominees are requested to e-mail a brief biography and nominee statement (what position they are running for and why they wish to serve in this position) to Anusha Kassan, the Chair of the Section: anusha.kassan@ucalgary.ca. Please direct all questions about these positions to the Chair as well.

The Student Representative shall:

i.    Serve as a liaison between student members of the Section and the Executive Committee.

ii.  Manage the Section's social media communications (e.g., Section Facebook page).

iii. Undertake special initiatives and projects for the Section (e.g., promoting student membership, advocating for the counselling section).

iv. Contribute content to the Section newsletter.

 v. Carry out other duties as requested by the Chair or by the Executive Committee.


The Chair-Elect shall:

i. Carry out duties as requested by the Chair or by the Executive Committee.


ii.  At least 30 days before each Annual Meeting of the Association, submit an Annual Report and financial statement to the Board of Directors of the Association. The financial statement shall include a budget for the ensuing year, which shall be subject to approval by the Board of Directors.


iii.  Contribute content to the Section newsletter.


iv.  In the absence of the Chair will preside at meetings. In the event that the Chair is vacated, the Chair-Elect shall assume the full functions of the Chair.



The Secretary-Treasurer shall:

 i.  Prepare, maintain, and distribute the minutes of Annual Meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee.

ii. Be responsible for the care and custody of the Section funds and any other assets of the Section and for making payments for all approved expenses.

iii.  Maintain books of the accounts, which shall be available for inspection by members at any reasonable time on request.

iv. Contribute content to the Section newsletter.

v. Carry out other duties as requested by the Chair or by the Executive Committee. 


The Member-At-Large (Awards Coordinator) shall:

i.   Coordinate the review process for all Section awards (e.g. distinguished member, best thesis/dissertation, best student poster).  This includes maintaining a list of award reviewers, instructing reviewers on the review process, and coordinating adjudication of the awards.

ii.   Coordinate nominations of Section members for CPA Awards and Fellows.

iii.   Contribute content to the Section newsletter.


Section Business Meeting Minutes:

Acessed through the Archive Section



Counselling Psychology Section Bylaws