The SWAP student representative committee has recently compiled a list of researchers in Canada who study issues related to gender, women, and feminism. It is our hope that this list will prove useful to students seeking graduate supervisors in topics related to the psychology of women, or for those wishing to network or collaborate with researchers on a particular gender-relevant topic. If you think your name should appear on this list and it does not, or if you would like to make a change to information that is listed here, please email Heather MacArthur at Thanks and enjoy!

Faculty Member University Research interests pertinent to feminist psychology/psychology of women Website address
Diane Holmberg Acadia University Factors influencing gender differences in memory for relationship events
Adrianna Mendrek Bishops University Sex and gender differences in grave psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia; sex and gender differences in neurocognitive function in psychopathology and in health
Tony Bogaert Brock University The origins of sexual orientation (e.g., birth order effects on sexual orientation development in men and women), asexuality, sexual offending. The effects of the sexual media on behaviour, and the antecedents of high risk sexual behaviour
Kimberly Matheson Carleton University Women's responses to abuse from intimate partners, women's responses to sexual harassment
Dolores Pushkar Concordia University Gender differences in aging (e.g., how contextual and life history factors interact so that the experience of aging differs in many significant ways, -socioeconomic, health and social support--for women and men)
Sherry Simon Dalhousie University Eating disorders
Natalie Rosen Dalhousie University Female sexual disorders and romantic relationships
Dwight Mazmanian Lakehead University Mood disorders and pregnancy, the postparturm period, and menopause
Kirsten A Oinonen Lakehead University The effects of hormones on behaviour (e.g., effects of hormonal contraceptives, testosterone, the menstrual cycle, and hormonal genes on mood and cognition), and hormonal effects on women's health (e.g., puberty, menopause, pregnancy)
Josephine Tan Lakehead University Women's health issues; depression; and multicultural issues
Debbie S. Moskowitz McGill University The influence of gender, social role, and setting characteristics on interpersonal behavior and affect at home and at work and in different populations (e.g. normal and psychopathological)
Barbara B. Sherwin McGill University Effects of estrogen on depression and on memory in a variety of normal and clinical populations (e.g., women with major depressive disorders, those with Alzheimer's Disease, and healthy elderly women and men)
Ada L. Sinacore McGill University Feminist/multicultural counselling psychology, social justice, oppression, and diversity
Olga Heath Memorial University of Newfoundland Eating disorders,-Olga.aspx
Elena Hannah Memorial University of Newfoundland Women academics in Canada
Lisa Dawn Hamilton Mount Allison University The relationship between stress and sexual functioning in sexually healthy men and women
Louise Wasylkiw Mount Allison University Body dissatisfaction and self-evaluations
Mary Delaney Mount Saint Vincent University Body image, placing women's body dissatisfaction in interpersonal and societal context. Coercion in dating; sexual risk-taking; evaluating the effectiveness of community level sexual health interventions on issues central to health policy, particularly a decline in teen pregnancy
Michelle Eskritt-Keck Mount Saint Vincent University How gender within conversation may influence speech (e.g., patterns of word use, content themes), and whether this speech may shape the social construction of gender through impacting others’ interpretation of speech.
Daniel Séguin Mount Saint Vincent University Mothers' emotional styles in interactions with their children
Meredith Chivers Queen’s University Women’s sexual orientation, sexual identity, and patterns of sexual arousal; sexual functioning after gynecological cancer
Caroline Pukall Queen’s University Sexual health in females and males
Michelle M. Dionne Ryerson University Sociocultural barriers to women’s participation in sport and exercise
Maria Gurevich Ryerson University Constructions of gender, sexuality and identity. Sexuality in HIV-positive women; gender and sexuality in men with testicular cancer; lesbian and bisexual women's health. Feminist epistemologies and methodologies; qualitative research
Kim Bartholomew Simon Fraser University Abuse in intimate relationships
Angela Weaver St. Francis Xavier University Body image, sexual well-being
Maryanne Fisher St. Mary's University Female intrasexual competition, women’s mating strategies, and indicators of femal physical attractiveness
Michelle LaFrance St. Thomas University Social constructionist approaches to gender and mental health; critical health psychology; discourse analysis; qualitative approaches to research
Lynne Gouliquer St. Thomas University Marginalisation as it relates to the interplay between various social institutions and marginalised groups such as women in non-traditional work (e.g., women in the Canadian military), lesbians, and seniors
Monika Stelzl St. Thomas University Critical social psychology; cultural construction of identities; migration processes; women and sexuality
Terry Humphreys Trent University Attitudes and beliefs about sexual consent and their influence on the negotiation of consent in sexual interactions. Sexual (mis)communication, sexual coercion, first sexual experiences, and sexuality information and the use of the Internet
Janelle Kwee Trinity Western University Survivors of sexual abuse; feminist psychology
Natacha Godbout Universite du Québec a Montreal Relationship violence, sexual health, sexual aggression
Toni Schmader University of British Columbia Stereotyping and prejudice; stereotype threat and women's math performance,%20Toni&area=Social/Personality&designation=core
Judith Daniluk University of British Columbia Counselling psychology and the sexual development and reproductive health of women
Anusha Kassan University of Calgary Feminist-multicultural counselling and pedagogy
H. Lorraine Radtke University of Calgary Mothering, implications of discourses of femininity for women's health, women who have been abused by intimate partners
Paula Barata University of Guelph Women's health; violence against women; social and criminal justice; research participation; feminist theory in psychology
Serge Desmarais University of Guelph Gender issues, social justice, pay entitlement, close relationships, sexual coercion
Karl Hennig University of Guelph Dating violence; peer relations; gender, interpersonal theory & research; interventions
Jennifer Mather University of Lethbridge The difficulties faced by women in science
Lucia O'Sullivan University of New Brunswick The role of gender in romantic and sexual relationship experiences
Carmen Poulin University of New Brunswick The social organisation of the everyday lives of women and other marginalised groups in specific institutions, and the cognitive schemata they use to make sense of this reality. Lesbians and gays in the military forces, Aboriginal women, women and corrections, mothers of children with special needs, violence against women, women and hormonal changes
E Sandra Byers University of New Brunswick Sexual communication, sexual initiation, sexual coercion, sexuality and body image
Elke Reissing University of Ottawa Sexual pain disorders, sexuality and aging
Julie Gosselin University of Ottawa Psychosocial adjustment of stepfamilies, the stepparent role, and women's and maternal issues in emerging family contexts.
Peggy J. Kleinplatz University of Ottawa Sexual well-being rather than fixing pathology; optimal sexual experiences and erotic intimacy, particularly in marginalized populations I am available at (613) 563-0846 from Monday - Friday at Noon - 5:00 PM. No Email please.
Philip B. Smith University of Prince Edward Island Family violence prevention
Colleen MacQuarrie University of Prince Edward Island Feminist liberation psychology; critical participatory research with survivors of childhood sexual abuse, pregnant adolescents, and women leaving abusive relationships; access to reproductive justice; Aboriginal communities
Michael E. Arfken University of Prince Edward Island The intersection of critical social theory and phenomenology; challenging social psychological conceptualizations of social reality; environmentalism, gender, economics, globalization, cultural diversity, qualitative research methods, social justice, and cognitive science
Nia Phillips University of Prince Edward Island Feminist psychology, identity and oppression
Bridget Klest University of Regina Interrelations among trauma exposure, relational context of trauma, gender and ethnicity, and socioeconomic status, employing a broad definition of posttraumatic symptoms including both physical and mental health indicators
Melanie Morrison University of Saskatchewan The psychological study of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination; assessing and understanding negativity directed toward marginalized social groups (e.g., women, ethnocultural men and women, transgender men and women, the homeless, the overweight, the unemployed, gay and lesbian men and women)
Todd G. Morrison University of Saskatchewan Gay and lesbian psychology; body image; stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination; psychometrics; human sexuality (in particular, pornography and sex work)
Karen Lawson University of Saskatchewan Psycho-social implications of reproductive technologies; maternal and fetal health; prejudice and discrimination towards persons with disabilities; health service utilization; program evaluation
Linda McMullen University of Saskatchewan Women and depression, metaphor and narrative, discourse analysis, qualitative research
Gillian Einstein University of Toronto Women’s health issues; CNS changes with prophylactic oophorectomy, cutting of the genitalia, and the menstrual cycle
Joseph R. Gillis University of Toronto- OISE Sexual orientation and gender identity diversity; HIV issues; issues of hate crime and victimization
Niva Piran University of Toronto- OISE Women's mental health; body image development; the relationship between body and culture; eating disorders
Margaret Schneider University of Toronto- OISE Sexual orientation, gender, and gender variance
Lana Stermac University of Toronto- OISE Impact of sexually coercive bahaviour on women's education; sexual violence and trauma; post-traumatic mental health
Marsha Runtz University of Victoria Physical and sexual health implications of violence occurring throughout women's lives
Bonnie Leadbeater University of Victoria Resilience in at-risk inner city mothers
Steve Spencer University of Waterloo Stereotyping and prejudice, implicit processes, women and stereotype threat
Kim Babb University of Windsor
Kenneth Cramer University of Windsor Sex and gender in personality development
Patti Fritz University of Windsor Family violence, dating violence, intimate partner violence
Kathryn Lafreniere University of Windsor Women’s health and prevention issues
Cheryl D. Thomas University of Windsor Clinical psychology of eating disorders
Shelagh Towson University of Windsor prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination
Charlene Y. Senn University of Windsor Violence against women with a focus on sexual assault, sexual assault resistance education, feminist methodology, other issues in psychology of women, (e.g., sexuality, lesbian health)
Victoria Esses University of Western Ontario Modern sexism
Terry Mitchell Wilfrid Laurier University Aboriginal health, resilience, and resistance in the face of racial and gendered structures of oppression; women’s health and adult healing from child sexual abuse
Mindy Foster Wilfrid Laurier University Factors that affect women's and minority group's psychological and social responses to experiences of discrimination
Jennifer Steele York University Implicit racial biases and gender stereotyping in childhood
Regina Schuller York University Behavioural assumptions in the law (e.g., behaviours of juries, police, etc). Decision making processes in cases involving violence against women; impact of racial bias in the courtroom; and legal strategies for curbing its influence
Debra Pepler York University Aggression in girls
Alex Rutherford York University Feminist epistemology and historiography; history of women in psychology; diversity issues in psychology
Jennifer Mills York University Women's dieting and its consequences on their psychological health; body image and the social influences on how we perceive our bodies; assessment and treatment of eating disorders