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Convention Social Activities

DAILY - EACH MORNING (June 9, 10, 11):

“HEALTHY CHOICES” daily health and wellness activities (6:00 – 7:00 each day)

Delegates are invited to start each day just right, by participating in early morning health and wellness activities such as a 5 km group run, a 2 km morning walk, a yoga session, or a meditation session. A fee of $25.00 will give you full access to any of the activities, and all the proceeds will be donated to a local charity on behalf of the CPA convention delegates.


CPA President’s Welcome Reception (20:00 – 21:30) (See Event in Schedule)

CPA President, Dr. Kevin Kelloway will host an evening reception to welcome all convention delegates, get the ball rolling and help you reconnect with friends and colleagues from across Canada. Light food and drinks will be served in an informal setting. (This event was previously held on Thursday evening.)


• First-time Attendees Orientation Breakfast (7:30 – 8:30)

o This breakfast used to be for speakers only. Now all first-time attendees are welcome to get the "inside scoop" on how to make the most of your convention experience.

• Opening Ceremony (8:30 – 9:00) (See Event in Schedule)

o This year’s ceremony will not include the presentation of awards.

• Opening Plenary - CPA President, Dr. Kevin Kelloway (9:00 – 10:00) (See Event in Schedule)

• Lunch Plenary CPA Honorary President, Ms. Mary Walsh (12:30 – 14:00) (See Event in Schedule)

o This year we are most fortunate to be joined by Mary Walsh, Canadian actress, comedienne, and star of this Hour Has 22 Minutes. Mary will deliver her entertaining keynote address in the main plenary room. Trust us… You won’t want to miss it!!

• CPA Dine-Around (18:30 – 20:30)

o We are very excited to introduce a new activity this year that is designed to provide the opportunity for a maximum level of engagement. The cost to participate is a $30.00 deposit on your meal. The $30.00 is completely non-refundable. Seating is limited so reserve your space online today at CPA Dine-Around Registration.

Here’s how the CPA Dine-Around works:

o Participating restaurants (all within walking distance of the convention) have been assigned a general topic of discussion for their location.

o The topic of conversation is what delegates will use to choose which restaurant they want to go to.

o IMPORTANT: There are no formal speeches, presentations, or led discussions. CPA Convention delegates will just be seated at a table with other convention delegates when they arrive, knowing that the conversation at the table will likely centre around a designated subject matter.

o Delegates reserve their seat at their restaurant/topic of choice (while supplies last – space is limited) by putting a $30.00 deposit on their meal, via the CPA Dine-Around Registration link. This must be done at least 48 hours in advance (by June 7).

o The $30.00 fee, paid by each participating delegate, is completely non-refundable, as it effectively guarantees you a seat at your chosen restaurant on June 9th.

o Each delegate will identify themselves on arrival at their confirmed restaurant, and present their CPA Dine-Around ticket.

o Once the delegate’s name is verified on the list provided to the restaurant by the CPA, the restaurant will give said delegate a $30.00 Gift Card to put towards their bill.

Please click on the following link to register for the CPA Dine-Around event today! CPA Dine-Around Registration

Restaurant Name


Suggested Topic of Conversation

The Docks

1208 Warf Street

What are some of the big issues facing Canadians for which psychologists can play a role?


812 Wharf Street

How can we better profile psychological research within the funding agencies?

- How does mental health get better recognized as a health issue within CIHR?
- How can we better profile psychological research as an area for specific funding within SSHRC that doesn’t tie to health being either the independent or dependent variable?
- How can we better profile the importance of funding for research in the social sciences and humanities, and the questions that psychology can answer?
- How can we better profile psychological research as a natural science within NSERC?

The Commons

620 Humboldt St

Child, youth and seniors’ issues are of great importance to Canada’s social fabric

a. What are some of the trending issues facing children, youth and seniors?
b. How do we bring more attention to these issues from a policy perspective? (For example, concussions, end of life, caregiver burden, bullying)


820 Yates Street

Many of the CPA’s Sections (e.g. Aboriginal, Rural and Northern, Community, SOGII, SWAP, Family) address subject matter areas that cross-cut with other psychological areas; how do we ensure that these issues are given the needed attention within larger contexts?

Il Terrazzo

555 Johnson Street

What are some of the issues/challenges facing faculty, new and/or experienced?

Table 21

777 Douglas Street

How do we interest students in pursuing careers where there are the largest gaps/biggest needs?


1199 Government St

How do we help students see the various career options in front of them upon graduation that isn’t specific to a faculty position or private practice?

Lido Waterfront Bistro

123 S. Warf Street

What are some of the biggest issues facing the profession as pertains to telehealth service delivery?

The Kitchen

614 Humboldt St

How do we help students and researchers face issues with publishing requirements in an increasing world of high publishing fees associated with open access?

Rebar Modern Food (VEG)

50 Bastion Sq.

The p-value has been getting specific attention as of late; where do you stand on its validity/value as a measure of statistical significance?

FRIDAY (June 10)

• The CPA Awards & Annual General Meeting from 8:00 – 9:30 (See Event in Schedule)

(a light breakfast will be served)

o Don’t miss your opportunity to provide your input on the direction, policies and activities of your association, and to honour excellence in the discipline and profession of psychology.

• Friday evening is a FREE EVENING

o Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavours of Victoria at your own pace and preference.