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Submissions to the Canadian Psychological Association's 78th Annual Convention Thursday, June 8 to Saturday, June 10, 2017 in Toronto, are now closed.



77th Annual CPA Conference

CPA Abstract Submission System Opened on Friday, October 21, and close December 2nd.

Symposia, PD Workshops, Round-Table Conversations Friday, November 11
Theory Reviews / Oral Papers (History & Philosophy Section only)
Poster sessions and “GIMME-5” presentations Friday, December 2




Presentations Category Descriptions

There are three main categories of programming at the CPA National Convention, not including Keynote and Master Lecture speakers:

  1. ORAL Presentations
  2. POSTER Sessions
  3. GIMME-5 Presentations NEW.



Oral Presentation types at the CPA National Convention include:

  1. Symposia
  2. Professional Development Workshops
  3. Round-Table Conversation Sessions
  4. Oral Papers and Theory Reviews (History & Philosophy Section Only)


Oral presentations at the CPA National Convention should be on work that is more advanced, integrative, and likely to appeal to a large, mixed (cross-Sections) audience. They should include multiple empirical studies, be part of a larger thematic session, and/or be difficult to offer in Poster format.


Must consist of a moderator plus 3 oral presentations on the same topic. A symposium may or may not include a discussant. Each symposium is scheduled for 55 minutes (max), and the moderator is responsible for keeping participants on schedule. Presentation timing is usually based on the number of papers (e.g., 3 presenters each allotted 10 minutes, plus 10 minutes for the moderator, plus 15 minutes for Q & A = 55 minutes). Submissions will score additional points if nominated by several CPA Sections or more than one Cluster.

Professional Development Workshops (PD Workshops):

Are presented by an individual or a group and are intended to have a clearly defined practical, experiential, or demonstration component. Led by presenter(s) with widely acknowledged expertise and experience in the content area, these sessions should focus on specific learning outcomes (i.e., must provide participants with tangible new skills, tools, and/or techniques). PD Workshops are allotted 1 hr 55 min. in the conference program and are intended to be participatory sessions where delegates will engage and interact with each other.

Good PD Workshops are innovative, interactive, inclusive, integrative, developmental, provocative, logistically sound, and address the specific needs in the education of adults. The PD Workshops must provide both new and experienced psychologists with an opportunity to continue their professional development (growth). Submissions will score additional points if nominated by several CPA Sections or more than one Cluster.

Round-Table Conversations:

Are relatively informal round-table events intended to stimulate discussion on specific topic(s). They may involve several presenters with different points of view, may be supplemented with handouts (no PowerPoint), and a moderator with an established reputation in the area. Each Round-Table Conversation session is scheduled for 55 minutes (max), and the moderator is responsible for directing the conversation and for keeping the session on schedule. There may be as many as 12 Round-Table Conversation sessions taking place in the same room.

Theory Reviews (History & Philosophy Section ONLY):

Are intended for the review of one or more theoretical perspective(s), or for the synthesis of different theoretical perspectives. Theory reviews are not intended for presenting new empirical research. The presenter is normally a senior expert in the area (graduation date, CV, and publication record will need to accompany the submission). Submissions by a novice just entering the area will not be accepted.

Each presentation is allocated 20 minutes. In the program, three presentations will be grouped together in a single session, with a moderator to keep the session on schedule.

CPA Presentations:

Each year there are a limited number of Symposia and/or PD Workshops, of general interest to a cross section of members, that are prepared and presented by or in collaboration with CPA Head Office.


A Poster is the most suitable and economical (should be the default) vehicle for presenting the results of focused empirical studies. Poster presentations provide ample opportunity for close interaction between presenter(s) and the audience.

The following factors should be considered when reviewing submissions for Poster presentations:

  • Given the 6-month period between the submission deadline and the presentation of the Poster, it is reasonable to accept Poster submissions for which data analyses are underway, but are incomplete (at the time of submission).
  • Reviewers may even recommend acceptance in cases in which data collection is ongoing but uncomplicated (for example, for studies on university students).
  • Greater caution should be exercised, however, in accepting a Poster based on a study of a clinical sample if no data have yet been collected.


NEW IN 2017


Envisaged to be an instant cure for “death by 1,000 PowerPoints”, the CPA’s new GIMME-5s are an entertaining and alternative method of sharing information. Each GIMME-5 presentation is 5 minutes long and uses a maximum of 3 slides – no exceeding, no exceptions!

The GIMME-5 Format is very popular among (but not limited to) 1st time presenting students because it provides an opportunity to present for the first time without having to create a formal presentation proposal and conference paper, while still testing the speaker’s resilience and oratory skills. The timing of the presentations is strictly enforced, as is the advancement of the slides, so be prepared to keep up and have some fun. At many conferences, similarly formatted talks (e.g., Data Blitz) have become the second most popular presentation type, after keynote presentations.

The 5 minute time limit requires the speaker to make his or her point clearly by ridding the presentation of non-critical information. In effect, a GIMME-5 offers bite-sized bits of research in a fast-paced overview. In turn, this causes the audience to be more attentive and gain a broader array of knowledge from the various presentations given in each session they attend. Each hour-long GIMME-5 session throughout the day will include at least 8, and as many as 10, individual GIMME-5s.

Based on current trends, we anticipate that the GIMME-5 presentations will be very popular and quite fun to attend. In addition to hearing many speakers in a single time slot, audiences will learn many interesting facts in a very short timeframe. The reasons for the overwhelming success of this proven concept are really quite simple: Successful talks delivered in this format are insightful, inspiring, thought-provoking, useful, humorous, controversial, or enlightening – and they are almost always also fun, for both the speaker and their audience!


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at convention@cpa.ca.