There will be an election for the CPA Board of Directors running from February 11th, 2013 until March 11th, 2013. This year, nominations were required for:
·         President-elect
·         Directors-at-Large (3 positions)
·         Scientist
·         Scientist-Practitioner
The call for nominations appeared in the Summer and Fall issues of Psynopsis Magazine and was also circulated to CPA Section Chairs, the Chairs of Departments of Psychology, and to the CPA membership through CPA’s eNewsletter, CPA News.
The Nominating Committee reviewed nominees and confirmed that all candidates were properly nominated, were CPA members in good standing and were eligible for nomination in their respective categories. 
Please note that the By-Law X on elections was amended at the June 2012 Annual General Meeting so that online ballots will be available to all voting members unless members have specified on their membership renewal that they wish to vote by paper ballot. The rationale was that because members are connected electronically, electronic voting would likely increase participation in elections, and would be less costly than votingby surface mail.
For information about the 2013 candidates for the CPA Board of Directors click here
Only Members and Fellows in good standing are eligible to vote. Student Affiliates are not eligible to vote.
If you have any questions regarding the CPA Election, please contact Kimberley Black at