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11 October 2011 : Into the fall, and new news

The latest edition of the newsletter is available for your reading pleasure, check it out! Also, a new form-fillable CASP member application for 2012 is ready. Please renew early, as membership applications are due 01 January 2012.

26 January 2011 : An edition of the newsletter, hot off the press

A new year, and a new newsletter. This edition features articles by Henry Janzen and Jay Hetherington, as well as a number of pieces from graduate students in school psychology, detailing perspectives on their studies and their future in the field. Included in this issue are a number of links to resources and events (clickable in the pdf), as well as a (form-fillable) member application/renewal form. Check it out, and tell your friends!

05 January 2011 : Happy new year!

In these first days of the new year, things are looking bright for CASP: the continuing membership drive has been successful, welcoming new members to the organization as a flurry of new activities have opened up more and better lines of communication in school psychology in Canada and abroad. If you or someone you know has not yet joined or renewed membership with CASP, one can easily download and print this form-fillable membership application, which extends our special membership price of $50 for 2011. Included in the yearly membership are the upcoming quarterly issues of CJSP (published by SAGE). And of course, everyone is welcome to join the collegial discussion taking place year-round on the new Canadian School Psychology blog.

The CASP team perceives a bright year ahead, and would like to take this moment to wish its members and their families a warmest season's greetings. All the best to you and yours in 2011!

09 October 2010 : Update on membership drive, newsletter, and (new!) blog

It is a busy time as the project to revitalize CASP continues: our ongoing membership drive has shown good success, and new and old lines of communication amongst members have been opened up.

Troy Janzen, at the University of Alberta, has taken over editorship of the CASP newsletter. You can read the latest edition here.

The new Canadian School Psychology blog has already proven to be an excellent forum for discussion on matters of relevance to the practice of psychology in the schools. Join in the discussion!

The Canadian Journal of School Psychology recently moved from a bi-yearly to a 4 issues per year publication. A recent special issue on bullying has gone into a second printing. Go to SAGE, CJSP's publisher, and check out the improvements to the journal's online platform.

If you like what you see, subscribe or renew your membership by joining CASP. Membership rates are currently offered at the special price of $50 per year, which includes 4 issues of CJSP. Click here to download a form-fillable membership application/renewal form.

One last announcement: the Canadian Psychological Association annual conference will be held in Toronto next June. The Psychologists in Education section of CPA maintains a strong presence at these meetings, and this year CASP and the Section will again co-host a combined keynote speaker-business meeting-reception, with Dr. Gordon Flett from York University delivering the keynote presentation this year.

Have a fantastic autumn!

15 February 2010 : CASP is growing; join us!

School psychology is now recognized by the CPA as a specialized discipline within psychology, and graduate programs are being accredited to meet the growing need for psychological practice and services in schools. Despite this national recognition, much-needed unification of practitioners and researchers in school psychology is challenged by different regulations and licensing requirements across the provinces.

We are making a commitment to revitalizing and re-energizing CASP to become a national voice/clearing house for school psychology dialogue and action on issues pertinent to the Canadian context. Our aspirations are:

We are inviting ALL psychologists involved in school psychology practice and training (i.e., those working in schools, academia, government agencies, current graduate students, etc.), including our CPA Psychologists in Education members, to join CASP at an introductory rate of $50. Membership includes a subscription to CJSP, published by SAGE four times per year, and the opportunity to participate in our national news and views distribution list that will be established within the next year.

To join us, simply click here to download our (form-fillable) application form, then print and mail it to the address indicated along with a cheque for $50.

We look forward to counting you among the members of the new and revitalized CASP! We hope that, together, we can move forward into successive years with renewed vigor, and with a stronger dedication and presence of school psychology in Canada.

15 October 2009 : New issue of the CASP-CPA Newsletter

We are pleased to present the latest instantiation of the CASP-CPA newsletter: click here to see it!

15 October 2007 : The CASP-CPA Newsletter returns

It's been awhile, but the CASP-CPA Psychologists in Education section newsletter is back in print. Following the revivification of CJSP, the Official Journal of the Canadian Association of School Psychologists, we have applied our hand to the old newsletter, and succeeded!

The latest issue features a lot of the old favourites, in a striking new design. We also include topical material that deals seriously with the future of our organization. Each and every CASP member (as well as those that are members of CPA's Psychologists in Education section) are encouraged to think seriously about these issues and send us their thoughts.

Click here to open the newsletter in .pdf format; then, send us feedback at the addresses listed there, or simply email us (the Executive) at casp.exec@gmail.com

21 June 2007 : At long last, we have a new look!

Midway through 2007, there has been another big step taken in the revivification of CASP. The site is small now, but built to have plenty of room to expand. Here's a quick overview of the navigation for the site:

    HOME in the menu above returns you to this page at any time.

    OFFICERS presents you with the positions, names, and contact information for the 2007-08 executive.

    ORGANIZATION takes you to where "all things CASP" are, or will be soon - annual meeting reports, membership information/application, etc.

    PUBLICATIONS leads you to where you can view CASP's publications, as well as school psychology-related documents published by CPA.

    NEWSLETTER has archives of all past CASP newsletters in .pdf format, and all those upcoming will be posted there.

    LINKS is a collection of external links relevant to the practice of school psychology, taken from the archives of CASP and CPA.

Have a look around, and enjoy! We welcome any comments, complaints, compliments and suggestions, at this address.