On October 19, Canadians will head to the polls to elect a new federal government. Regardless of which party or candidate you will be voting for, this election presents a great opportunity for you to have your voice heard.

CPA encourages its members to get involved in this important election campaign by voicing their concerns to the candidates in their ridings to ensure that psychology is on the political agenda across the country.

2015 Federal Party Platforms

CPA sent a short questionnaire to the headquarters of each national federal political party asking about investments in mental health services and research funding. Here are their responses with links to their full platforms.

Conservative Party of Canada No response received. Conservative Platform
New Democratic Party of Canada NDP Response NDP Platform
Liberal Party of Canada Liberal Response Liberal Platform
Green Party of Canada Green Response Green Platform

CPA's 2015 Federal Election Letter Writing Campaign

CPA encourages you to send this letter to the candidates in your riding asking them about access to psychological services, research funding and support for post-secondary education. You will have the opportunity to edit the letter by adding a unique message before sending.

By sending this letter, you can help ensure that federal candidates are aware of our concerns and commit to helping advance the practice, research, and education of psychology in Canada.

CPA's 2015 Federal Election Letter Writing Campaign

Download the template letter.

Send a letter to your candidates.

Once you have sent a letter to your candidates, you can take additional action by:

  • sending your own follow-up letter to your candidates via our software;
  • contacting your candidates directly by phone or by visiting their local election headquarters;
  • submitting a letter to the editor of a national newspaper or your local community newspaper;
  • attending local debates;
  • becoming active in a campaign;
  • making a tax deductible donation to the party of your choice; and
  • voting.

The Elections Canada website features all the information you need in order to vote and provides the names of the candidates in each riding with their phone numbers. The site can be searched by postal code.

Other CPA Activities

  • On June 2, CPA partnered with the Canadian Psychiatric Association and the Economic Club of Canada to host a panel on the Role of the Federal Government in Mental Health. The panelists were Cathy McLeod, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health; Murray Rankin, NDP Critic for Health; and the Hon. Hedy Fry, Liberal Critic for Health. Closing remarks were provided by CPA’s past president, Dr. Kerry Mothersill. Read more.
    ECC Breakfast
    Speakers and hosts of the Economic Club of Canada panel discussion on mental health.

Coalition Activities

CPA is a member of several coalitions that are also actively engaged in advocacy…

The Canadian Consortium for Research (CCR)


The Canadian Consortium for Research (CCR) is the largest advocacy coalition in Canada, focusing on research funding in all disciplines and support for post-secondary education. CCR is made up of 20 organizations, including CPA, that represent more than 50,000 researchers and 500,000 students across disciplines. CPA’s Deputy CEO, Dr. Lisa Votta-Bleeker, chairs the Consortium.

As part of its federal election activities, CCR has sent a questionnaire to the Liberal Party, Conservative Party, Green Party and NDP. To date, only the Liberals have acknowledged receiving the questionnaire.

Click here to read the responses from the Liberal Party, the Green Party and the NDP.

Health Action Lobby (HEAL)

Health Action Lobby (HEAL) HEAL calls on the federal government to step up its leadership role. HEAL appelle le gouvernement fédéral à assumer son rôle de leadership

CPA is an active member of the Health Action Lobby (HEAL), which is comprised of 41 national health organizations that represent more than 500,000 providers and consumers of health care. HEAL was organized in 1991 out of a concern about the role of the federal government in health and health care.

In 2014, HEAL issued a consensus document entitled: The Canadian Way. This report put forth a series of recommendations to the federal government to encourage collaboration between governments and providers and proposed a number of different models that could be adopted by our provinces and territories, funded variously by public and private insurance systems.

In her capacity as co-chair of HEAL, CPA’s CEO Dr. Karen Cohen participated as a panelist at The Hill Times’ Platform 2015 event on health on September 10, 2015. Read more.

Each member of HEAL released a press release on September 22 calling for action on health care. Read CPA’s version of the release.

Alliance for a National Seniors Strategy (Demand a Plan Campaign)

Demand A Plan Logo

CPA is a proud member of the Canadian Medical Association’s Alliance for a National Seniors Strategy, which consists of various partner organizations concerned for the health and wellbeing of Canada’s seniors.

The Alliance has launched the Demand a Plan campaign to:

  • make seniors care a ballot issue in the federal election campaign;
  • persuade the major political parties to include a national seniors strategy in their campaign platforms;
  • convince whichever party wins the next election to convene a meeting of the provincial and territorial premiers to discuss seniors care within six months of their mandate; and
  • have a national seniors strategy in place by 2019.

There are many ways to participate in the Demand a Plan campaign…

  1. Add your name to the list of supporters of Demand a Plan.
  2. Send a letter to your MP; the candidates in your riding; and the leaders of the Conservative Party, Liberal Party, and NDP calling for a National Seniors Strategy.
  3. Share your story about senior health care.
  4. Spread the word via social media.
  5. Keep abreast of each party’s commitments through the Promise Tracker.

Our health care system was created over half a century ago to meet the needs of a much younger population and we have not adapted to meet the growing number of aging Canadians. Canada’s health providers agree that it’s time to demand a plan.

Canadian Coalition for Public Health in the 21st Century

Canadian Coalition for Public Health in the 21st Century Logo

The Canadian Coalition for Public Health in the 21st Century (CCPH21) is a national network of 24 non-profit organizations, professional associations, health charities, and research organizations that share the common goal to improve and sustain the health of Canadians. CCPH21 is calling on the next federal government to invest in strategies and programs that support strong, healthy people in Canada regardless of their economic status.

CPA members are encouraged to read their election materials, particularly the one-pager on early childhood education, and to call for #AHigherStandard for Canadians on social media. For more information, visit their website.