Students play an active role in CPA’s infrastructure. The Section for Students in Psychology crosses all section boundaries and provides a forum in which students may learn from each other and begin to prepare for their careers in psychology.

Student News!
  • NEW The Spring 2016 issue of Mind Pad is now available: Volume 4, Issue 2. Full issue: Web or PDF

  • NEW A Student’s Guide to the Canadian Psychological Association’s Annual Convention for Victoria 2016 is now available for download!

  • NEW Four doctoral students from across Canada were invited to take part in the 2016 Canadian Psychological Association's Lobby Day, along side the CPA Board of Directors. click here for more details.

  • NEW Participate in a meaningful research project being conducted out of the University of British Columbia (UBC), "Career Decision-Making of Indigenous and Immigrant Youth". click here for more information.

  • NEW CPA Student Travel Award - the deadline this year is April 29th. click here for more details.

  • Student Research Grants Call for Proposals November 2015. Click here for details.

  • CPA Student Section Newsletter - Summer 2015! Click here to read it.

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