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The Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science publishes original, empirical contributions in the following areas of psychology: abnormal, behavioural, community, counselling, educational, environmental, developmental, health, industrial-organizational, clinical, neuropsychological, personality, psychometrics, and social.

A limited amount of space is also available in the journal for brief reports with theoretical and practical implications. The Brief Reports section can also be used for psychometric reports and to disseminate Canadian norms or forms for standardized tests.

The Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science is published quarterly (January, April, July, October) with grant support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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Editorial Team

Editor: William Roberts, Ph.D, Thompson Rivers University
Associate Editor: Julie Gosselin, Ph.D., Memorial University
Managing Editor Lisa Votta-Bleeker, Ph.D., Canadian Psychological Association


Instructions to Authors

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically through the Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science manuscript submission portal .

Brief Reports will be no longer than five journal pages, so a Brief Report manuscript would not normally exceed 2500 words in text and would have no more than one table or figure. Authors of a Brief Report must state that a fuller report will be provided upon request. A digital copy of the manuscript should accompany paper copies submitted to the editor.

Regular submissions should not exceed 35 pages double-spaced 12 point font (including all Tables, Figures, and References). Any manuscript that exceeds this limit will be returned to the authors.

Click here for additional information on preparing your manuscript for submission. 

Masked Review Policy

This journal has adopted a policy of masked review for all submissions.

Please include with the manuscript a cover sheet, which shows the title of the manuscript, the authors' names and institutional affiliations, and the date the manuscript is submitted.

The first page of the manuscript should omit the authors' names and affiliations but should include the title of the manuscript and the submission date. Footnotes containing information pertaining to the authors' identity or affiliations should be on separate pages.

Every effort should be made to see that the manuscript itself contains no clues to the authors' identity.


For permission to use previously published text, tests or portions of tests, tables, or figures please contact us by email (permissions@cpa.ca) or phone (613-237-2144, ext. 337; toll free in Canada / numéro sans frais: 1-888-472-0657 ext. 337).

Please note that all rights are reserved, including publication, retransmission, broadcast, posting to newsgroups, etc. Reproduction or redistribution is prohibited, except with the prior written approval. Unauthorized distribution, transmission or publication strictly prohibited. Permission fees are $50.00 + applicable taxes. Payments can be made by VISA or MasterCard only. Permissions are for one use only. If you would like to request permission for the same article to be used more than once, please advise CPA.