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Call for submissions: Issue 3 of Perseverance

The Sport and Exercise Psychology Section is currently accepting submissions for the 3rd issue of Perseverance! You are invited to send submissions on a variety of topics, such as brief articles on section-relevant topics, short summaries of recently published research, recently released books featuring Canadian psycholo- gists as authors, editors, etc., suggestions for future articles or features, advertisements for jobs, internet/mail research, etc., and anything else that you think might be of interest to your sport and exercise section peers. Please send your submission to sport.exercise.cpa@gmail.com by December 30, 2016.



CPA 2017 Convention in Toronto : Call for reviewers

It is that time of the year again! We are actively looking for reviewers for the symposium and poster submissions for Sports & Exercise Psychology Track. Each volunteer will be asked to review 3-5 abstracts between December and January. Reviewers will be credited in next issue of this newsletter. Please write to sport.exercise.cpa@gmail.com for more details.



Call for submissions in all areas of sport and exercise psychology for a special issue of CJBS

Sports play an important, often-underestimated role in human development at many different levels. For the individual they can be a leisure activity that sharpens the mind and body, an opportunity for self-discovery and accomplishment, an escape from daily hassles, or even an art. For communities they can be bonding experiences resulting from a team challenge or simply events that bring people together. They are a means for each nation to fraternize by displaying the pinnacle of its ambassadors’ physical prowess, who then become a source of natio- nal pride and identity. Each of these gains for the individual, communities and societies represents investigation and intervention opportunities for sport and exercise psychology researchers and clinicians to maximize human potential. However, within sports psychology literature these distinct areas are too seldom showcased together to pay homage to their variety. To do just that, the Sport and Exercise Psychology section of the CPA calls for sub- missions in all areas of sport and exercise psychology for a special issue of CJBS, including but not limited to:

Evidence-based practice in coaching, group cohesion in team sports, athlete well-being and burnout prevention, mental performance consultancy, in-game dynamics in competitive sports (i.e. flow, momentum), complex motor skills acquisition and performance, physical education, disability and social inclusion in sports, exercise promotion, motivation, goal pursuit and self-regulation in physical activity and sports, passion for sports, the role of sport and active leisure in well-being and performance in other life areas, etc.

We hope to update and extend the 2012 Special Issue of Canadian Psychology on Sport and Exercise by welcoming submissions presenting:

  • Original, theory-driven empirical research showcasing rigorous quantitative or qualitative methodology;
  • Critical reviews of theoretical models and concepts in sport and exercise psychology
         (definitional issues, meta-analysis, knowledge synthesis, systematic reviews);
  • Knowledge syntheses of emerging and evidence-based practices;
  • Application of innovative methodologies to sport and exercise psychology.

All submissions will undergo peer-review. We welcome submissions in both English and French. Regular submissions should not exceed 35 pages, double-spaced, in size 12 font (including all Tables, Figures, and References). Brief reports should be no more than 14 pages in length, including references and tables. Submissions must comply with the CJBS submission guidelines and instructions available at: www.apa.org/pubs/journals/cbs.

Manuscripts are to be submitted by December 20, 2016, although earlier submissions are recommended. Authors must clearly indicate in their cover letter that their submission should be considered for this special issue. If you have any questions or require any further information please contact the Guest Editor, Pier-Eric Chamberland at pier-eric.chamberland@uqtr.ca.