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The importance of women's contributions to psychology has often been downplayed and even ignored in the recounting of psychology's history. SWAP member Alexandra Rutherford is shining a light on the historical and current contributions of women in our discipline via her website, Psychology's Feminist Voices. This website includes oral histories, profiles, timelines, and much more, all featuring feminist women past and present. We are excited to share this excellent resource with all who have an interest in learning about the important contributions that feminist women have made—and continue to make—to psychology!


From the website: "Psychology has undergone a profound shift over the last 50 years. In 1960, women received only a small minority of doctorates in the field. Today, in many parts of the world, women receive the majority. To understand this shift and the role women and feminists have played in it, we need to collect the first-hand accounts of feminist psychologists who were instrumental in bringing about these changes and those who continue to enrich psychology with feminism. We also need to be aware of our history. Who were the women who came before us? How did their work lay the foundation for feminist psychology? This site highlights important women in psychology's past and amplifies the diverse voices of contemporary feminist psychologists. We invite you to explore their stories."