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The latest news of relevance to and or from the Canadian Psychological Association:

  • NEW In the aftermath of the Paris shootings, click here for resources on coping with violent events.

  • NEW Veterans Day: Resources For Veterans, Their Families & Those Providing Clinical & Forensic Services To Them. Click here for more.

  • NEW November 5, 2015 – CPA Press Release Psychologists Pleased with Reinstatement of Long-Form Census. Read the release..

  • NEW Online Educational Tool for Parents/Caregivers of a Youth with an Eating Disorder. Click here for details.

  • NEW PSYence Update (Vol. 2, Issue 3) October 2015. Update on CPA's Science Activities. Click here for the PDF.

  • NEW Call for Papers for Special Issue of Canadian Psychology: Psychology in Canada – Opportunities and Challenges. Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2016. Click here for more information.

  • Do you have a master’s or doctoral degree in psychology? If yes, complete the Psychology Graduate Survey now.

  • NEW The fall issue of Psynopsis Magazine, special issue on Psychology and the Workplace, is now available online. Click here to read the issue.

  • NEW CPA sent a questionnaire to each national federal political party asking about investments in mental health services and research funding. Click here for their responses and their full platforms.

  • Exciting news! CPA is introducing a new membership system with improved features that will make renewing your membership and accessing and updating your personal information much easier. Click here for more information.

  • Psynopsis Magazine – Winter Issue: Call for Submissions. The Winter 2016 issue of Psynopsis Magazine is devoted to looking at Mental Health, Homelessness, and Housing. Click here for more details.

  • Sign up now to attend a free CPA Summit on Knowledge Mobilization! Click here for more information, or Register now to secure your space! Registration is now closed. Follow on Twitter at #CPAKMSummit

  • The Submission System for the 2016 CPA Convention is now open. Click here for details.

  • CPA report on the effectiveness of psychological treatments. Click here to read The Efficacy and Effectiveness of Psychological Treatments.

  • CPA-Commissioned Report on Access to Psychological Services: An Imperative for Change: Access to Psychological Services for Canada. The Mental Health Commission of Canada applauds the work of the Canadian Psychological Association. Click here to read the letter of support.

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    What's New!

    The latest news of relevance to the science, practice, and education of psychology:

  • NEW CPA Journals Press Release: Time to focus on the strengths of children with ADHD. Read the release.

  • NEW New Alzheimer's Resources for Clinicians, PTS, & Families: Articles, Books, Websites. Click here for details.

  • NEW September 30, 2015 - Press Release: Psychologists Welcome Liberal Party of Canada’s Commitment to Mental Health. Read the press release.

  • “Australia's Mind Spot Clinic: Accessible, efficient and effective online assessment and treatment for anxiety and depression”. Attend this free lecture (October 8, 2015), via livestream or in person in Regina, SK. Click here for more information.

  • Press Release - The Canadian Psychological Association Supports the Health Action Lobby's Call to Action on Health Care – The Canadian Way.

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